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The management and service of the railway sidings
ORLEN KolTrans has wide experience in the comprehensive management of the  railway sidings. The Company is currently dealing with the  service of sidings  in Płock and storage base in Ostrow Wielkopolski.
We maintain 82 km of track and turnouts of over 1700 m.

The services provided include:
comprehensive services for commercial shipments for transport and freight forwarding,
performing  shunting at  sidings,
forming compositions of burden,
maintenance of rolling stock,
maintenance of railway infrastructure,

In addition, ORLEN KolTrans provides advice on the safety of hazardous materials for transport by rail.

The most important advantage resulting from cooperation in this regard is  taking the resources of siding by a specialized company. Based on the experience of ORLEN KolTrans and synergy effects in the management of more sidings, this cooperation allows for the  reduction of  maintenance costs of siding and focus on core bussines its owner.

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